Deep Sea Fishing

West of Ireland

Irish deep-sea fishing is associated with charter boats and is a very sociable form of angling. Traditionally, these craft headed to deep water marks from centers such as Westport, Cliften, Fenit and Kinsale which became famous and still provide superb fishing. Nowadays, charter boats can be hired from a greater number of centers. They fish for such species as blue shark off the south and west coast. For big conger, ling and cod over sunken wrecks. For tope and flatfish over sandy ground.

Charter boat fishing is lively and interesting, even before a line is cast. The skipper will assemble a group of anglers at the beginning of the day, who by the end of the day will surely be well acquainted, especially if they have had sport with a big shark or skate. Usually tackle may be hired, so all the angler needs is a good set of waterproofs and a sense of adventure. The skippers have well equipped speedy craft and modern navigational aids but for most, who have come from several generations of fishermen, their knowledge of the sea is as instinctive as breathing.

A lot of local lore is passed on during the day, even more in the evening when the boat is tied up and the catch distributed and the scene shifts to a waterfront pub.

At a Glance

  • Work closely with Bluewater Sea Angling.
  • Friendly Fishing Guide John Brittain Keeps a Watchful Eye.
  • Located in the beautiful town of Cliften, Co Galway on Ireland's west coast.
  • Accomodation within Walking Distance of Pier.
  • Nightly and Lively Entertainment/Great Food.

Our Take

Whether you're a novice fisherman, an experienced angler, or an enthusiatic sightseer, you can experience the thrills of deep sea fishing in the Atlantic. A great day out with John Brittain. I caught 5 types of fish including mackerel, coalfish, pollock, ling and a red fish with flying fins called a gurnard. I have a photo!