Guinness Storehouse

Dublin City Centre

For the finest views and finest Guinness in Dublin a visit to the Storehouse is essential. This is undoubtedly Dublin’s most popular attraction and although the history of this company started in 1759 with the establishment of a brewery on this site, it is generally agreed that the Irish are the spiritual owners of this renowned company.

The recently converted brewery building offers 360-degree views of Dublin from the top-floor Gravity Bar as well as a potted history of the Guinness company which now sells 10 million pints a day in 150 countries. And no matter where you go in Dublin you will see the fruits of the company’s success. St. Stephen’s Green, a public park located at the top of Grafton Street, was given to the people of Dublin by the Guinness family and in the 1860`s Benjamin Guinness paid $160,000 (pounds) towards the restoration of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Our Take

The story of Guinness is the story of Ireland- learn all about 'the blonde with the black skirt', 'the bishop's collar', 'the devil's buttermilk' or hone your tasting technique with the retro-nasal method or simply enjoy. But remember nothing is ever black & white. A must-see.