Essential Ireland in Eight Days

Eight Days and Seven Nights to explore the rich beauty and heritage that Ireland has to offer. This tour allows you to explore the East, Midlands, West and Southwest of Ireland in as many days. You will see the world renowned heritage sites of Ireland while your evenings can be spent tapping along to the lilts of Irish music found in the many pubs in the towns you are visiting.

At a Glance

  • Eight Days and Seven Nights.
  • Seven Nights GAYP B&B Accomodations
  • Car Hire(Economy) - Inclusive if Unlimited Mileage/CDW/Theft Insurance/Taxes.
  • Prices from
  • Low Season E450
  • High Season E500

Tour Highlights

Galway City

There’s no better place to start your journey into Ireland’s West than Galway City, the thriving cultural center on Galway Bay where Ireland’s heartbeat pulsates.

Dublin City

Dublin is the capital city and home to almost one-third of the population of the Republic of Ireland. It is by far the largest city on the island and is growing apace with some estimates suggesting that the current population of 1.3 million could grow to 2 million over the next 20 years!

Connemara Mountains

Although not a mountain in itself, the Connemara skies are dominated by over 50 magnificent mountains in 4 tightly packed mountain ranges: the Twelve Bens, Maum Turks, Partry and Sheffrey.

The Dingle Way

Situated on the Dingle Peninsula in the southwest of Ireland, this is a diverse and beautiful walking trail full of surprises for those who wander its paths. Measuring a total of 178km, this route can be done in parts or as part of a week long holiday.

The Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry conjures up images of a land lost in time. This magical 110-mile circular journey brings you on a scenic journey around Kerry's unspoilt, unharnessed areas.

The Burren

“After two days' march we entered into the Barony of Burren, of which it is said, that it is a country where there is not water enough to drown a man, wood enough to hang one, nor earth enough to bury him" Cromwell's man in Ireland, 1651.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliifs of Moher- a sheer precipice 8km long with their sheer verticality are without doubt the most impressive stretches of coast in the west of Ireland. Probably the most visited site outside of the capital city, the Cliffs of Moher are certainly one of the highlights of any visit to Ireland standing at a commanding height of over 200 metres.

Dublin's Cathedrals

Dublin has two Cathedrals, both Anglican, both quite close to each other and both loved by Dubliners despite the absence in the city of a Catholic Cathedral. St. Patrick's, or the "People's Cathedral and Christchurch originally built by the first Viking king of Dublin to be converted to Christianity.


Killarney Town is a vibrant town in Kerry in the South West of Ireland. It acts as a gateway to the beauty spots of the south west and within easy reach of the Dingle, Iveragh and Beara Peninsulas.