Dublin Transport

Dublin City Centre, Co. Dublin

Dublin is a Viking City and some people still believe that Vikings still exist in Dublin but now drive cars, as gridlock has now become a near-perpetual state of existence. Thankfully many of Dublin’s city centre attractions are easily within walking distance. However, occasional strategic use of public transit allows you to save your feet from overexposure of cobbled streets and enjoy more time actually enjoying the city as opposed to traversing it.

The latest mode of travel in Dublin is the tram service known as the Luas, a word that derives from the Irish word for speedy. As a pronunciation guide its other moniker of Gerry Lee Luas (pronounced “Lewis”) might help! Luas trams run at 5 minute intervals during peak times and 10-minute intervals off-peak on both Red and Green Lines and the longest distance from Tallaght to Connolly Station on the Red line takes about 45 minutes.

Dublin has 12,000 taxis and 1,200 (privately owned) “hackney” cabs, making it relatively easy to hail a taxi along most streets in Dublin city centre. The exception to the rule is late nights on the weekend, when the entire city is trying to catch one from the pub to home (or the nightclub, whichever may be calling). If you’re in a pinch, or absolutely have to be somewhere by a certain time, it is advisable to book taxis in advance. Sample taxi fares below are subject to the number of passengers and bags, the time of day and traffic conditions.

Central Bus Station to O’Connell / Grafton Street >> 4-4.50 euro
Connolly Station to O’Connell St / Grafton St >>> 4.5 euro
Heuston Station to O’Connell St / Grafton St >> 6 - 8 euro
Dublin Airport to O’Connell St/Grafton St >>> 20-22 euro

Dublin Bus offers service throughout city centre and well out into the satellite cities and towns surrounding Dublin. Quality Bus Corridors (QBCs) are the new faster way to travel to Dublin city centre. All local bus trips made within the city centre between 10am and 4.30pm cost only 50 cent (ask the bus driver for the special ‘Shopper fare’).Exact change is required for the bus fare and no change is given.

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