Dublin Castle

Dublin City Centre, Co. Dublin

Though not much of a castle in shape or usage, Dublin Castle has a rich and varied history well worth exploring. Its history dates back to King John’s first Dublin court of 1207. But the appearance of a graceful 18th century building, with only the massive stone Record Tower hinting at its medieval origins. Originally there were 4 towers, but the castle became more of an administrative centre than a military centre. After the Act of Union at the beginning of the 19th century, the castle continued as the viceroy’s seat, and as the heart of British rule, the place stands as a symbol of British power in Ireland. On January 1916, 1922, the castle was formally handed over to Michael Collins and the Free State. The story goes that the last viceroy complained, “You’re seven minutes late, Mr. Collins”, to which he replied, “We’ve been waiting 700 years, you can have the 7 minutes”.

Above the ceremonial entrance to the Upper Yard is a figure of justice that turns her back to the city, illustrating as it was said, just how much justice Dubliners could expect from the English. Furthermore the scales she holds used to tilt when it rained; to ensure even-handedness, the problem was solved by drilling holes in the scale-pans. To take pleasure from a visit to the Castle, taking the informative tour is highly recommended.