Croke Park & GAA Museum

Dublin City North

Half a mile east of Mountjoy Square, just outside the boundary formed by the Royal Canal, is Ireland’s premier sports stadium, Croke Park. Croke Park is home of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and its impressive museum. The stadium itself has the 4th largest capacity in Europe holding some 85,000 spectators despite being almost exclusively used for the amateur Gaelic games of hurling and football.

As is often the case in Ireland, sports and politics are almost inseparable and Croke Park was the scene of one of the bloodiest atrocities in modern Irish history when, on November 11, 1920, the notorious Black and Tans entered the ground during a match and opened fire on players and the crowd killing 12, including Gaelic football captain Michael Hogan after whom one of the stands is named.

The tour ends with an exhilarating film ‘A Day in September’ which captures the excitement, colour and passion, both on and off the field on All Ireland finals day. Not normally on the radar of the average tourist, the Croke Park and the GAA museum are definitely worth a visit.